April Travels

April has been an usually slow month. Both for the blog (I do apologise and promise to better myself going forward – at least I will try) and in terms of travelling.

For the first time this year I’ve taken a breather from my weekly travels with not just one but actually two consecutive weeks on the ground and in the office.

So my entire April travel can be summed up in one short sentence:

Home to see my parents for a week, followed by a 1-day trip to Switzerland.

Exciting right?

But even though there weren’t many actual travels, there was a lot going on. Feels like I’ve spent most of the month organising and booking upcoming trips instead. So we are not quite at the end of the journey, don’t you worry.

So instead of giving you a detailed run down of April, let me give you a teaser of May instead. Seems this month I am making up for everything I didn’t do in April.

A two-day trip to Germany, followed by a two-day trip to Switzerland, directly followed by a two-day trip to Poland. Plus a six-day trip to Tel Aviv and another two-day trip to Vienna. So you see, May is choc-a-block already. I’ll be able to add two more countries to my list of countries visited (if you don’t know what I am talking about, go and read my ’40 before 40’ post).

And I am really looking forward to most of those trips.

For one I have to admit that I’ve never been to Bern, Switzerland’s capital before, so I hope I get a chance to do a quick sightseeing tour in the evening.

Secondly I am going to Poland for the first time ever. I have loads of Polish friends and they all tell me just how beautiful a country it is. Yet it has never made it onto my itinerary before. So going to Warsaw for two days is something to look forward to. Even though reality quite possible means being stuck in meetings for both days and a night in an airport hotel. So will I actually see something of Warsaw? Not certain, but let’s hope for the best, you’ll never know.

Next up that trip to Tel Aviv. It is also a work trip and it will be full of meetings, so this is NOT a relaxing city / beach holiday. But then again, it is Tel Aviv. Just google it and tell me you wouldn’t be excited to go. The beaches (and a hotel right at the beach), the markets, the architecture. For sure I am looking forward to it, probably way more than expected on a work trip. I’ll keep you posted how it pans out.

And as the month eventually comes to an end, it will be time for another trip to Vienna. Have I mentioned it? I love Vienna. (ok ok, yes I know I have already mentioned it, when telling you about my Girl’s weekend in Vienna last year)

So you see, busy times ahead. Stay tuned and I’ll promise I’ll keep you updated.

What about your travel plans. Anything exciting on the radar for May?

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