Hi, I’m Sarah. Welcome to my page Travel for a Living.

For the last decade I have called London (or more recently the commuter belt around London) my home. And whilst my job is based in Central London, it involves a lot of travel on a regular basis. I am an Interior Architect and for the past 5 years (and the foreseeable future) I have been working on a pan European CI rollout for a car manufacturer. Which basically means I travel all over Europe and visit car showrooms. As car showrooms tend to be spread throughout the country and not just in major cities, I get to see corners of Europe I did not even know existed, let alone ever thought of visiting. And occasionally I am faced with the challenge of how to get to some obscure remote location without undertaking a 3 day trip for a 3 hour meeting.

So I thought I’d share my experiences, anecdotes and impressions with everyone, rather than only boring my nearest and dearest.


So hop on board and enjoy the ride.