Shopping Guide to Rome

Shopping Guide to Rome - Travel for a Living

I am not a big fashionista, but I love to shop. And can do so for hours, given the chance and in the right company. So it might not come as a big surprise that I had to go and explore the shops on offer here in Rome. And put together this handy shopping guide to Rome.

There is no shortage of shops obviously. Handbags, shoes and small leather goods come in plenty. So do the various designers.

Go for a stroll around Spagna, at the bottom of the Spanish stairs and you will come past all the well-known designers. But unfortunately also millions of tourists, spoiling it a little.

Shopping Guide to Rome: Shopping Center

To get away from it all we went to the Euroma 2, a shopping center in the south of Rome. Apparently one of the biggest shopping centers in Rome (at least if you believe their own website), it houses a selection of branded shops, a large supermarket and a couple of restaurants. But it is a little in the middle of nowhere and takes some effort to get there, as you will need to take the Metro B to Eur Palasport and then change into a bus, but it is still served by Atac, so you can use your normal ticket. Overall journey time is around 1 hour from Termini.

Shopping Guide to Rome - Travel for a Living

Shopping Guide to Rome: Designer Outlet

If you feel like venturing out even further, there is a large Designer Outlet in Castel Romano, south of Rome. You can either take a shuttle bus from Termini to Castel Romano and back (which will cost you 15 Euros return) or you can use public transport. Take the Metro B to its terminus Laurentina (this first step you can do with your normal Atac ticket), then take the Cotral bus. Cotral is another bus provider, so your Atac ticket will not be valid. Just outside the station is a tabaccheria selling single tickets for the Cotral bus for 1.30 Euro each. Be aware that you will need a second single ticket for your trip back, so you are best advised to buy them both at once.

It takes around 25 minutes from Termini station to Laurentina, plus another 25 minutes by bus to the designer outlet, however the bus only runs once an hour, so you might be in for a longer wait, if you get your timing wrong (we were lucky on the way out, but waited a long time coming back).

The center offers a nice selection of Italian and International designer stores and a few restaurants and coffee places. It is outdoor, not in a mall (similar to Bicester Village for example), but unlike in the UK, I’d say rain isn’t necessarily going to spoil your day (though a heat stroke might, so be aware of the mid day sun if visiting in high summer). Needless to say, all shops are air-conditioned.

For once I was on best behavior that day, but hubby managed to go wild and come back to the hotel piled high with purchases.

Lucky him.

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