City Break in New York

Whilst I am still enjoying my few travel free weeks in the run up to Christmas (such a rare thing not to travel for a whole month), I am already preparing for more trips in the New Year.

For a few days (or was it mere hours?) I thought things would eventually quieten down a little in 2018, but looking at my diary now, I’d say far from it.

Looking at January and February, everything is already back to normal with trips booked for pretty much every single week.

But it is not all work. Hubby and I will go to New York for a week. Yes… again.

Ever since our honeymoon to New York six years ago, we fell in love with the city and enjoy coming back over and over again. I have already shared with you my top tips for New York and tourist traps to avoid in New York, so with this being our fourth trip, I start wondering what to actually see and do this time.

Don’t get me wrong, there is always something to do and new places to discover (even after almost a decade in London I still discover new things here)… so maybe now is the time to prepare?

Of course there are certain tried and tested ‘staples’ that will be visited over and over again.

Like visiting Central Park and shopping at Macy’s.

And this time I have decided that I really want to walk the full length of Brooklyn Bridge (during previous trips we’ve been lazy and only went up to the first pillar).

Since we’ve never manage to go inside Madison Square Garden, I’ve checked their website to see if any games were on that week. Unfortunately no. Well there is a game on the evening we arrive (and not sure I am up to much that evening), but after that it is a 10 day break before the next event happens… seems to be my luck every time.

But I might start trawling the Internet to see what else is on.

And maybe visit Philadelphia? It is a two-hour train ride away from Penn Station, so ideal for a day trip. And we’ve never been, so this might be an option (we did think about a trip to Philly and Washington last year, but then opted for a road trip through New England instead).

As you can see, I haven’t gotten very far with planning this trip yet (but then again, as I already told you when I prepared for our trip to Rome, I do usually fail at this kind of stuff big time).

Love Statue New York Flat Iron New York

So over to you, help me out here… any suggestions?

Where to go, what to see? Any great foodie places we should check out?

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