Queen at Wembley – a Childhood Dream come true

Queen + Adam Lambert at Wembley Arena

With my parents and aunt being huge Queen fans, I grew up with their music. And with the dream of one day seeing them live.

Back in the days – when dinosaurs still roamed this earth – they went to see Queen live not once but twice… and refused to take me with them. How dare they say I was too young to come to a rock concert at the sweet age of eight (ok in hindsight maybe they had a point, but I refused to believe that). Then the unthinkable happened and Freddie died.

Fast forward 30 years. Queen + Adam Lambert live in Wembley.

Too good a chance to miss.

Back in April I happened to see an advert for the concert on my way to work (that’s advertising on the side of a bus… totally works for me) and by the time I got off the bus and into the office, all was agreed. I bought tickets for all of us and my parents and aunt would come over to London the weekend before Christmas.

What could possibly go wrong… well a lot actually as it turns out (SPOILER ALERT – it was all worth it in the end).

A few weeks back Ryanair announced they would reduce their flight schedule… and the flight back to Germany happened to be one of those cancelled ones. Brilliant… I mean who wants a lie in the morning. Dashing off to the airport at 5.30 am sounds too much fun to miss, don’t you think? Yep, thought so.

And whilst mum was doing so well recovering from her operation over the last few months, the week before the concert she fell and was back on crutches. But not to worry… didn’t we spend that little extra money (or lot of extra money) to get ourselves seats rather than standing tickets? Well worth it then… or not? Yes we did spend all the money, but no, we didn’t have any seats. Somewhere along the line whilst booking I moved from the official website to a re-sell site and bought normal tickets at an exorbitant price… without realizing (until 2 days before the concert, when I eventually downloaded and printed the received tickets).

But you know what? By the time we made it to Wembley, none of that mattered any more.

The security staff at Wembley was absolutely brilliant. They did their best to make it as easy as possible for mum, allowing us through a separate entrance to minimize walking and crowds for her, they tried their best to find us some seats (thanks to the concert being sold out, they unfortunately failed, but even just trying was a lot more than I expected)… and believe it or not, in the end, we ended up front row, not even two meters away from the stage, with mum steadying herself at the railings rather than on crutches).

That moment the light went off and the music started, all was forgotten and we enjoyed an amazing two hour concert… singing, crying, feeling the music with every inch of our body.


It might have taken us three decades, but my childhood dream was finally fulfilled.

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