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Emily in Paris Season 2 has finally landed on Netflix yesterday. Have you seen it yet? Confession: We binge watched almost the entire season straight away in one go. And I immediately started noting down all the Emily in Paris season 2 locations I could identify. I mean, as you do, right? Obviously, there are some familiar sites, like Emily’s apartment and her workplace, but there are also a few new ones, that haven’t featured in season one. I won’t bore you with the familiar ones here, as I’ve covered them in length in my first Emily in Paris filming locations post.

OK, shall we start with our Emily in Paris season 2 locations? I guess you might not want to do a whole second walking tour, so I’ll try and tie them in with my original Emily in Paris tour, so that you know where to include them should you want to check them out during your next Paris trip.

Emily in Paris season 2 filming locations: Latin Quarter (Part One)

Emily in Paris season 2 locations - Travel for a Living

Place de l’Estrapade

As mentioned in my first post, there are a couple of filming locations dotted around this square: Emily’s apartment, Gabriel’s restaurant (which still features in season 2, but has now changed its name to ‘Chez Lavaux’).

But the square itself also features as one of the Emily in Paris season 2 locations. As Emily’s birthday dinner party takes place here. I mean obviously. Who wouldn’t just have their birthday party in a public square outside their main door? Is that really a Parisian thing?  

Fontaine Saint-Michel

A short 15-minute walk from Emily’s apartment is the Place Saint-Michel with the Fontaine (fountain) Saint-Michel. In front of which Mindy has her first busking experience with her new band.

From here, it is not far to the next of our Emily in Paris season 2 filming locations.

Pont des Arts (Bridge of the Arts)

Another busking location for Mindy and her band. It is here on this bridge where Emily introduces Julien to Mindy (and her hot band members).

In recent years, the Pont des Arts was probably best known for the love locks that were placed along its railings by millions of couples (us included for our 10th anniversary a few years back). However, all locks had been removed in 2015, as the additional weight caused issues to the bridge’s structure.

Let’s continue across the bridge for the next part of our Emily in Paris season 2 filming locations tour.

Part Two: Around Emily’s workplace

We’ve already learned in season 1 that Emily works at Place de Valois. So, it should come as no surprise that there are several Emily in Paris season 2 filming locations dotted around the area.

Emily in Paris season 2 locations - Travel for a Living


As you come off Pont des Arts, you will have the Palais du Louvre directly in front of you. But let’s leave that for a second and head right. As our next stop will be the department store Samaritaine next to the Louvre (9 Rue de la Monnaie). This big department store is where, in episode four’ Emily and her classmate Petra go shopping ‘for free’.

Le Café Marly

As you leave Samaritaine head over to the Louvre and walk through the archway until you get to the glass pyramid. To the right, you will see the Café Marly, the next stop on our next Emily in Paris season 2 filming locations tour.  Probably not the cheapest place to have lunch (or even just a coffee). But Café Marly offers a magnificent view of the Louvre and the glass pyramid from its outside seating area within the arched passageways of the Palais du Louvre.

It is here where Camille takes Emily (and Sylvie, who decided to tag along) for a working lunch to discuss their latest campaign… well, mainly to bitch about her break-up with Gabriel really.

Opera Garnier

Head up Avenue de l’Opéra until you get to the Opéra Garnier. Paris’ famous opera house already featured in season one. And it does feature again in season two. Although this time not as the setting for an opera. Instead, the Grand Foyer with its opulent interior and stunning fireplace provides the backdrop for a photoshoot for the designer Pierre Cadeau.  So excuse me for including it again as one of the Emily in Paris season 2 filming locations.

Galeries Lafayette

Just behind the Opera Garnier, you will arrive at the department store Galeries Lafayette. One of my favourite shopping places in Paris. Should you ever be in Paris in the run up to Christmas, you’ll have to check out their Christmas windows and enormous Christmas tree.

But neither of those features in Emily in Paris. Instead, head up to the top floor for the roof terrace. The restaurant up there is the next one of our Emily in Paris season 2 filming locations. It is here where Emily and Camille have lunch and agree on a fresh start.

Oh, and whilst you are up there, go and enjoy the view of Paris.

Emily in Paris season 2 filming locations: Montmartre

Montmartre already featured in season one (see part 3 of my original Emily in Paris filming location tour). Season 2 now adds one more location to the mix.

La Nouvelle Eve

One of the oldest cabarets / theatres in Paris, La Nouvelle Eve is where Mindy works as a drag queen and Dame Pipi at the start of season 2. Located at 25 Rue Pierre Fontaine, it is just a short walk from the Moulin Rouge, one of the filming locations from season one.

Other Emily in Paris season 2 filming locations

As always, there are plenty of other filming locations dotted around town, that don’t fit in well with any of the walking tours. But should you be in the vicinity, you might well want to check them out regardless.

Cimetière du Père-Lachaise

The largest cemetery in Paris is located in the 20th Arrondisement.

Luc takes Emily here for a special birthday lunch, a picnic sitting by Balzac’s grave.

To be honest, I find it a little weird that they would head for lunch here, given that it is a good 5km (3 miles) walk from their workplace at Place de Valois.

But that minor point aside, Pere Lachaise cemetery is the most visited graveyard in the world. And has some very famous ‘inhabitants’. In addition to the already mentioned Honoré de Balzac, the likes of Chopin, Max Ernst, Eileen Gray, Jim Morrison, Oscar Wilde and Edith Piaf.

To get to Cimetière du Pere Lachaise, the nearest Metro station would be Philippe Auguste (line 2)or Père Lachaise (line 2 and 3).

Galerie Perrotin

This art gallery in the 2rd Arrondisement (Le Marais) is Camille’s workplace. It features briefly, when Gabriel goes to talk to her early in season 2.

Located at 76 Rue de Turenn, the art gallery is halfway between Cemetery Pere-Lachaise and the Emily in Paris season 2 filming locations around the Louvre.

OK, whilst I go and finish season 2 now, I hope you enjoyed this second round up of filming locations. I didn’t get a chance to hop over to Paris and quickly walk the tour and snap some photos. But I do hope I’ll get to see them all sooner or later (although I have been in Paris just a few weeks ago, I didn’t really get a chance to check out any of the filming locations from season one).

Did you spot more Emily in Paris season 2 filming locations? Any noteworthy places that should be added to the list? Let me know.

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