Best Shopping Places in London as a Plus Size Woman

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Shopping as a plus size woman isn’t always fun. Being looked down at from staff, squeezing into cute dresses a little too tight (as they just wouldn’t come in a larger size), in changing rooms barely the size of a shoebox. I am not judging, I’ve been here myself for most of my life (and although I have lost some weight, I am still far from a size 0 model). Obviously, there is always the option of online shopping, allowing you to try it all on in the privacy of your own home. But what if you actually love browsing shops and seeing what’s on offer before buying? After all, London is perfect for shopping. Well, good thing I’ve got you covered. So, if you are heading to London anytime soon and fancy shopping in London as a plus size, I have compiled for you the best shopping places in London for plus size women.

Just to be clear, this is not a sponsored post. I have not received any money or incentive to write about these shops and all opinions are my own.

Shopping in London as a Plus Size Woman - Travel for a Living

Shopping in London as a plus size: Evans

Unfortunately, Evans have now cut down on the number of shops they have around London. But they do still have their big flagship store on Oxford Street (close to Marble Arch) and their shop in Westfield White City. Evans is part of the Arcadia Group, along with labels like Dorothy Perkins and Top Shop and cater for ladies from size 14 to 32. The clothes are a mix of casual and office attire and are reasonably priced. A little downside, you should be tall as well as large, as their trousers usually come in standard length.

Best shopping spots in London as a plus size: Studio Eight

If you are looking for some gorgeous evening wear, I would recommend the Studio Eight shop within House of Fraser and John Lewis (House of Fraser has the bigger selection though). Studio Eight is the plus size label of Phase Eight. The dresses don’t come cheap, but they are good quality and have a great fit. So, whether you are looking for plus size work dresses in London or plus size evening wear for a night out in London, pop in and check their collection.

Perfect shopping locations in London as a plus size: Dorothy Perkins

Depending on your dress size, Dorothy Perkins might also be worth checking out. Most of their clothes go up to a size 20 to 22 (German size 50). Although I wasn’t able to wear any of their tops (I was a size 24), I was forever grateful for their jeans. Being plus size and short can be a curse. Therefore, getting reasonably priced, contemporary jeans in larger sizes and shorter length were a godsend. I could just wear their jeans without the need of shortening or rolling up the legs.

Shopping in London as a plus size: H&M

Although most of it has moved online nowadays, there is still one location left in London where you can buy the H&M plus size range. Just head to the H&M store on Regent Street (just opposite the Apple Store and around the corner from Liberty). If you are plus size and short, unfortunately you will have the same problem with the H&M trousers as you have with those from Evans, as they only come in standard 32-inch length.

Where to go shopping in London as a plus sizewoman: Clarks

OK, recommending a shoe shop for plus size shopping in London might sound odd. After all, shoes are the one thing most women can buy in all shops, regardless their dress size (well shoes and handbags obviously). But bear with me one second and I explain why Clarks made my list of shopping places in London for plus size. As most plus size women know only too well, carrying extra weight also means extra pressure on your feet. To give some comfort, Clarks shoes come with extra cushioning. Making them extra comfy, even if you opt for high heels. In addition, Clarks offers a lot of their models in wide fit (and even extra wide fit). And believe me, this does make a difference, especially if you are on your feet all day.

You will find Clarks shops all over London, including 2 or 3 on Oxford Street.

Best shopping places in London as a plus size: TK Maxx

You never quite know what you’ll find at TK Maxx, but I do love browsing their stores. And recently I’ve noticed that quite a few of their locations now also offer plus size clothing. There are a few TK Maxx locations dotted around central London. Unfortunately, not all seem to have plus size clothing. But if you come across one, might be worth checking it out, just in case. After all, who doesn’t love a designer clothing bargain, plus size or not.

Shopping in London as a plus size: Marks & Spencer

No list of shopping places in London can be complete without M&S, the essence of all things British. M&S clothing might not be to everyone’s taste, as it can be a little conservative. After all, which teenager or adolescent would want to shop in the same shop as their mum and nan? Obviously, I am now in the age of those mums. So, no problem for me to shop there (and they do have some brilliant work wear). But the one thing I would always recommend Marks & Spencer for, if you are shopping in London as a plus size: their lingerie. M&S offers a large range of plus size bras. And not just in white and nude and practical. Oh no. They offer pretty and sexy looking plus size bras with matching knickers. At reasonable prices. They even offer plus size strapless bras and sports. And with plus size, I mean up to cup size H.

Best shopping places in London as a plus size: New Look

OK, I’ll be honest with you. New Look clothing might not be made to last forever. But if you are looking for some plus size fashion items, the New Look Curve range might be for you. As they offer fashion pieces at low prices in sizes 18 to 32.

Not all New Look stores stock the Curve range. But the large New Look store on Oxford Street does (you’ll find it, if you head from Oxford Circus towards Tottenham Court Road).

OK, there you have it. My recommendations of best shopping places in London as a plus size woman. I hope this comes in handy next time you head to London for a shopping trip.

Anything else that should go on this list? Any shop that I have forgotten (or maybe didn’t even know about yet)?

Shopping in London as a plus size woman - Travel for a Living

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  1. tavernatravels

    This is such a helpful post! Definitely agree, no post is complete without Marks & Spencer haha. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Isadora

    London is by far my favorite city to shopping. It can be a bit expensive because of the currency but totally worth it, it has shopping for all needs and all tastes!

  3. kad8585

    I try not to shop in London if I can help it. But I am.never able to help it and really need to check out Mark’s and Spencer!

  4. Melissa Heywood

    You totally missed out Yours Clothing! They have stores dotted all over the country and several in London. Reasonably priced modern fashion. Do check out their website.

    • Travel for a living

      Thanks for adding. To be honest, Yours Clothing is not a store I really came across before. Just had a quick look at their website and store locator. Whilst I can see they have loads of stores all over the country, they don’t seem to have many in Central London.

  5. Kristin

    Thank you for this! I just moved to London a couple years ago and shopping has been a struggle.

    • Travel for a living

      Good luck with the shopping. I know only too well what you mean. Although I always found plus size shopping a lot easier in London than in Germany for example. But with all the high street shops closing at the moment, I guess we are all gradually relying on online shopping more and more (whilst convenient, I’d rather be able to see and try on clothes before buying).

  6. Amanda

    Loved reading this post!!

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