Swimming pools and spa hotels… travel done right

Every now and then the choice of hotel or location turns out to be just perfect, making an otherwise standard work trip that little bit special.

I am usually in charge of my own itinerary. So within limits I can pick and choose my preferred dates, flights and hotels. But saying that…. When it comes to hotels I am regularly at the mercy of the client, as they confirm the appointments with the dealerships, pick me up from the airport and drop me at the hotel (often the case when they actually stay at the same hotel). This can be a bit hit and miss obviously. Sometimes I am informed before where I will be staying (or even get a say in where I want to stay), other times I just have to hope they actually remembered to book me a room.

A little while ago I had a trip to the North Eastern part of Germany for a 3 days trip. I knew that night one was sorted and a room was booked for me and for one of the clients. I was even told which hotel, although I did not actually bother to check where it was … otherwise I would have noticed that I had actually stayed at that hotel before… a good 4 years ago and it was an absolute nightmare… in a picturesque little coastal town near Greifswald (staying there on my own, in winter, without a car, arriving in the dark… so the beautiful old harbour and bridge was more a ‘don’t fall into the water’ mission than sightseeing).

But I am all for second chances. This time we arrived early (as in there was still day light around), I had company and actually saw the harbour and bridge during our walk and hunt for food.

And since we arrived so timely, we managed to also give the in-house swimming pool a try. Rather on the small side, but as it was just the two of us in there, it was sufficient for a little exercise session.

Night two had several changes to the original plan. So instead of both clients staying at the same hotel as me, they both had to finish their tour early and go back to the head office for meetings… so I continued on my own (with a rental car booked last minute and picked up along the way… you sometimes have to be spontaneous… which I am not really when it comes to travel, as this is what causes me stress and anxiety).

But as a little perk, one of them booked me into a splendid spa hotel for the night (his favourite whenever he is in the area).

The Mark Brandenburg Resort in Neuruppin is a 4 star hotel directly located at the Ruppiner Lake.

As the Fontane Therme is adjacent to the hotel and connected via a heated hallway, you can get changed in your room and use the dressing gown, slippers and towels provided (they even provide a swim bag to hold all your stuff) to make your way to the spa and pool area without the fuzz of taking your stuff with you. All very relaxing.

Unfortunately the floating pool was closed that day for renovation (I have meanwhile been sent a photo of it from said client, probably just to rub my nose in that it has meanwhile re-opened and so I know what I missed). But there was still enough left to do.

The main swimming pool has a decent size, so I managed to spend an hour swimming lengths (and for most of that time had the pool all to myself, what more do you want to de-stress).

There are two heated salt-water outdoor pools. Illuminated at night they overlook the lake and the Seesauna … a sauna located on the actual lake. Apparently the Seesauna is absolutely stunning and worth a try, but as I am not much of a sauna person, I didn’t try it out. But if you are, go and try it… I’ve been told by several guests (and my client) that it is not to be missed.

The hotel room itself was spacious with a separate seating area and a balcony and I absolutely loved the attention to detail. A rubber duck in the bathroom, a regional snack and drink offered in the seating area.

The breakfast selection was continuing with both the healthy and regional aspect, offering everything you’d expect for a hotel in this category, plus a little extra.

I have to say that the night here certainly was a nice treat and great for recharging the battery during my trip. And I enjoyed it so much that I might come back at some point… maybe for next year’s girly weekend away.

What makes your perfect work trip?

* This is not a sponsored post, I just wanted to share my experience with you *

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