January Travels

I can’t believe January is (finally) over. It equally feels like this month has gone on forever and gone by so quick.

In recent years January was a fairly quiet and slow month at work. It usually meant physically being in the actual office for most of the month with hardly any travel, but at last with some spare time to clear your desk, work your way through that endless to do list and finally get that filing done.

Somehow this year this all went a little different. I have probably mentioned it before, this year January did not have just one or two travels, I actually did five trips this past month… to five different countries.

So here a quick recap of what January had to offer:

Week 1 (gosh this really does feel like months ago, not just four weeks) I went to Belgium. Just for one meeting so it was in and out in a day. I did not actually see much beside the dealership and the airport, but I had just enough time to grab some Belgian chocolates on the way.

Week 2 saw me travelling to Norway for two nights, giving me some time to explore Oslo in between my meetings. And eat far too many Cinnamon rolls (still day dreaming of those).

In Week 3 I travelled to Germany. Flying into Hannover, on to Osnabrück, Frankfurt, Giessen and back to London via Frankfurt. Kind of travelling half the country in just two days.

Week 4 was the big trip. For once not work but actual holiday, husband and I travelled to New York for the week (and in case you have not seen them yet, go and read my posts about Times Square at Night, Visiting Brooklyn and my Diary of an 8 hour Flight).

So with this amazing trip over, time for the final week 5 of the month (gosh really… how can a month be so long?).

Week 5 saw me flying to Vienna for a two-day trip. I love Vienna, so am always excited to come back. And it’s always a good opportunity to meet up with a friend who lives here.

January is over, February about to begin. So what will it bring?

I currently have three trips planned for February, but I am not quite done with my planning I think.

So far I have a trip to Switzerland plus two trips to Germany on the itinerary.

With more in the pipeline. There are trips to Poland and Denmark on the radar (both countries I have never been – well apart from Copenhagen airport, but that doesn’t really count). So eager to hear if and when these actually happen.

How was your January? 

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  1. Leslie Sinden

    Maybe you will grow wings !!!. Gruß Papa

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