February Travels

How can it be March already? After a sheer endless January, February seems to have passed really quickly. Yes I know February is a shorter month. But by three days, not three weeks.

Anyways… I somehow hardly posted anything in February. Not that I was running out of blog ideas or didn’t want to post more. Somehow I just didn’t get round to actually finishing any of those half written post.

So to keep you all in the loop (and for purposes of me documenting my travel adventures in a diary kinda way), here a rundown of February’s travels.

February started exactly as January ended. With the trip to Vienna.

The next week saw me travelling to Switzerland for two days (and three meetings), during which I saw lots of scenery whilst being driven around, but did not actually get a chance for any sightseeing. We stayed in a hotel by a lake in the middle of nowhere, so no exploring what so ever.

End of that week I travelled to Germany and stayed there for a good week. Combining family and work, attending my nephew’s Christening and my mum’s birthday, as well as having two meetings nearby throughout the week.

Third week of the month meant another trip to Germany, this time a sheer endless One Day Trip.

And lastly in the fourth week of February I had yet another two day trip to Germany, again near home and with a chance to spend the night at my parent’s rather than in a hotel.

So as you can see, weekly travels haven’t seized yet (nor will they in the nearby future).

And the forecast for March shows another rather busy month with trips to Switzerland, Czech Republic, Norway and Denmark already in the diary. And fingers crossed I get around to actually write about them as well.

So tell me, how was your February? Been to any exciting places?

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