Every journey starts with the first step

So this is it, the first step of hopefully a very long journey.

For the past year or so I have been toying with the idea of starting a blog. But somehow life always gets in the way and I never found the time to start.

Or to be more precise, I found the time to think about what I want my blog to look like, what I want to write about, even which photos I want to take / include and to start a long, very very long list of which blog posts to write … I just did not find (or make) the time to actually do it.

Somehow I had it in my mind that I could not start my blog with just a single post. I would need to prepare a number of blog posts and photos in advance before I even start setting up. Not sure this really makes much sense to anyone (although it did to me), so why not start slow and get this going.


What is it all about?

As the name of my blog might already suggest, this is a blog about cooking… just kidding. Whilst I love cooking and baking (and eating for that matter) and whilst I am not ruling out this blog might mention food (or even recipes) every now and then, the main topic obviously is travelling. More precisely… my travelling.

Am I a travel expert? Probably not.

Do I work in the travel industry? Certainly not.

Do I enjoy travelling? Yes, yes, yes.

Who am I and how comes I decided to write about travelling?

I am Sarah. For the last decade I have called London (or recently the commuter belt around London) my home. And whilst my job is based in Central London, it involves a lot of travel on a regular basis. I am an Interior Architect and for the past 5+ years (and the foreseeable future) I have worked on a pan European CI rollout for a car manufacturer. Which basically means I travel all over Europe and visit car showrooms. And as these tend to be spread throughout the country and not just in major cities, I get to see corners of Europe I did not even know existed, let alone ever thought of visiting. And occasionally I am faced with the challenge of how to get to some obscure remote location without undertaking a 3 day trip for a 3 hour meeting.

So I thought I’d share my experiences, anecdotes and impressions with everyone, rather than only boring my nearest and dearest.

So hop on board and enjoy the ride.

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  1. Dan

    Yay! Looking forward to hearing about your escapades!

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