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19 Top Things to do in Vienna

I love Vienna. And over the years I’ve visited quite a few times. Both for work (my client’s head office was just outside Vienna, so any Austrian tour would start and end in Vienna) and on leisure. And I totally fell for the city and the people. Any excuse and I’ll be over there without hesitation. Be it a weekend with a friend or visiting the Viennese Christmas markets with my mum. Occasionally I might even get Mr T to come with me. Although he isn’t quite so keen on Vienna (probably because it always seems to be pouring with rain all day long whenever he comes over). What about you? Have you ever been to Vienna? No? Well, you really should go and visit, it is absolutely gorgeous.

To help you make up your mind, let me share with you my 19 top things to see and do in Vienna. For sure there is something here for you.

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Visiting Vienna for the first time – Essential travel guide

Visiting Vienna for the first time? All you need to know - Travel for a Living

There is something very special about Vienna. First time I visited Vienna was over 20 years ago, for a long weekend with a few friends. And whilst it was quite nice, I somehow never returned. Until five years ago, when I started working with my Austrian client. And since the client’s head office is located just outside Vienna, most of my Austria trips started and/or ended in Vienna. Giving me plenty of time to explore Austria’s capital and absolutely fall in love with Vienna. So, if you are planning on visiting Vienna for the first time, here’s my essential travel guide for Vienna.

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Christmas Markets in Vienna

Visiting Vienna during Christmas Time - Travel for a Living

I just love Christmas and everything to go with it. And one of the things I miss most now that I live in the UK is Christmas markets. Yes, we do have the odd Christmas market in London (and a nice big one in Birmingham). But they are not quite the same as the traditional Christmas markets you’ll find in other parts of Europe. Whenever I get the chance, I love to go and explore some of the best Christmas markets whilst out and about. In the last few years I’ve been to the Christmas markets in Nuremberg, Hamburg and Vienna.

So, in time for the first Advent weekend, I took the opportunity and visited not just one, but eight of Vienna’s Christmas markets with my mum.
Yes, you heard right. EIGHT! And those weren’t even all the Christmas markets Vienna has to offer. There are still some left that we did not manage. Or that weren’t open yet, as it was very early in the season.

But let’s start at the beginning.

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A girly weekend in Vienna

I have to admit it… not all my travel is work related. I do also travel for leisure… and absolutely love weekends away.

For a good two years I had regular trips to Austria (for work) and absolutely fell in love with Vienna. Before that I had only ever been to Vienna (and Austria for this matter) once, which was a good 15 years ago, maybe even longer.

But since my regular Austria trips have seized recently, every excuse will do to come back, as I fell heavily for Vienna.

So, when it came to choosing a location for a catch up with my friend, we very quickly opted for girly weekend in Vienna.

After all, what’s not to love about Vienna if you are a pair of coffee loving shopping addicts?

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