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How to cope with a Train Strike in Paris

As we are wrapping up the year, let me tell you about my last work trip of 2019. Yes, to Paris again, how did you guess? By now, I obviously know what to expect from a trip to Paris. What I didn’t quite know was what to expect from a train strike in Paris. Don’t get me wrong, we do have tube strikes in London as well from time to time. But they usually last a day or two, not weeks on end.

You might have heard in the news, that there was a train strike in Paris ever since beginning of December. So far, I had been lucky to miss it, as I skipped a week visiting Paris. And I had high hopes that all that strike action would be over and done with by the time I went back. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. Far from it. The train strike was still in full swing in Paris.

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