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Things to know when eating out in Paris

Eating out in Paris - what you need to know - Travel for a Living

If there is one thing the French are famous for, it sure is their cuisine. Eating in general, but more specifically eating out is a huge part of the French way of life. Should you be heading to Paris anytime soon, let me tell you all about the dining etiquette in Paris. Including all the essentials you need to know when eating out in Paris. From ordering water to how much to tip and everything in-between.

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My experience flying Hop! for the first time

My experience flying Hop for the first time - Travel for a Living

Seems this year is a series of firsts when it comes to flying. I’ve extended my knowledge of different airlines quite a bit. Flying LOT Polish Airlines for the first time at the start of the year. Followed by my first ever Lauda Flight back from Vienna. More recently my first two flights with Vueling. And today I’d like to share with you my experience of flying Hop for the first time.

Hop is one of those airlines that I vaguely heard about before, but I never really used them before. Probably because they mainly do inland flights within France. And I don’t travel to France that often (yes, I know this does sound a bit weird, given that I just returned from a holiday in France a couple of days before the trip). However, I did have a business trip to Marseille and Toulouse. And whilst the flights to Marseille and back from Toulouse were both British Airways, the inland flight between Marseille and Toulouse was operated by Hop (although it was actually booked on Air France and we only realised afterwards that it would be operated by Hop).

So, what can you expect, when flying Hop for the first time?

How about, I just tell you about my first flight on Hop?

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