What to Eat in New York City

New York City is great and I absolutely love it (but you knew that already). And as we are preparing for another trip to New York next week, I decided this was the perfect time to share with you my favourite food destinations in New York City.

Obviously New York has an array of delicious, cool, unusual and sometimes rather pricy restaurants. And if you are a regular on Instagram and Pinterest, I am sure you’ve seen all the pretty foods showing up in your feed. From crazy unicorn shakes to flower shaped ice-cream, pink lattes and weird burgers.

But whilst these for sure are all great and the perfect addition to your Instagram grid, this is not the food I am talking about (doesn’t mean I wouldn’t try some of it if I happen to come by). What I am talking about are my personal favourite foods in New York City. Tried, tested and approved by Mr T and I over several trips to New York (and all paid for with our own money, so whilst this is advertising by mentioning the places, I did not receive any payment or even freebies for said mentioning).

Cheesecake at Magnolia Bakery

(various locations, our favourite is the one in the food court of Grand Central Terminal)

Whilst Magnolia Bakery might be best known for their cupcakes, our absolute favourite is their cheesecake. With 6$ each it is not exactly cheap, but worth every cent and you can easily share one between two (don’t be fooled by the size, they really are quite rich and filling).

Last time I also tried their famous banana pudding, which is also very tasty, but no match to the cheesecakes in my opinion.

Katz’s Delicatessen

(205 E Houston St)

I’ve mentioned Katz’s Delicatessen before (Top Five Things to do in NYC), but I can only repeat myself. Go and check it out. Mr T loves their Pastrami sandwich (I am sure he occasionally dreams of it) and I can absolutely recommend their cheese steak (whilst it is very tasty, I am not much of a Pastrami sandwich kinda girl).


77th Street / Lexington Ave (there are other locations, but this is our favourite)

What would New York be without its bagels? One of our favourite spots for breakfast or lunch and a staple on each and every trip so far. They have a great selection of bagels and toppings. Our favourite is plain and simple cream cheese or chicken salad. As these bagels are proper deep filled, my advice would be to purchase one with filling and one plain and then share the filling between both bagels. Saves you some money and there is still more than enough spread on each.

Hot Dog from Nathan’s

When it comes to street food, the hot dog surely is one of New York’s classics.

Nathan’s has been around for 100 years and you can spot their bright yellow stalls all throughout Manhattan. If you prefer eating whilst seated, head down to Coney Island for their restaurant on the board walk.

Meatballs at The Meatball Shop

(several locations, we went to 200 9th Avenue)

We’ve only recently discovered this restaurant and what shall I say. It pretty much does what it says on the tin. It sells meatballs. I don’t’ know if they are the best meatballs in New York, but they surely are rather tasty.

To place your order you get a laminated menu and a wipe clean pen and you just tick everything you want and head the menu back to your waitress.

As I said in the beginning, this is not necessarily the Ultimate Food Guide for New York City. This is merely a run down of my favourite foods there. I might add more things to this list as I visit again next week, we’ll see.

What are your favourites? Tell me.

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  1. The Champagne Mile

    Yum, salivating reading this! A trip to NYC is on the cards next year, and I’ll be seeking out a pastrami sandwich at Katz’s Delicatessen 🙂

    • Travel for a living

      You definitely should do. It is well worth it. I would advise trying to miss main lunch time though, it gets rather busy and their ordering system is a little chaotic.

  2. stephanie

    OMG I loved Pick a bagel and Meatball shop! The bagels were delish and the meatballs were so unique!

  3. Jessica Festa

    Double yes to Katz’s! My absolutely favorite for lunch 🙂