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See London’s Christmas Lights on Foot

How to see London's best Christmas Lights on foot - Travel for a Living

London in the run up to Christmas is pretty special and should really be experienced at least once in your life.  I mean, yes it can get super hectic if you leave your Christmas shopping to the last minute. And obviously loads of people come to London before Christmas, so that the city is packed. But it can be pretty magical, if you just take your time. Rather than getting caught in the hustle and bustle, why not spend an hour or two slowing down and enjoying the Christmas lights? How about a little London Christmas lights walking tour? I mean, what better way is there to see London’s Christmas Lights if not on foot? And best of all, it is completely free.

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Best of London in three hours – exploring London on Foot

How to see London in three hours - Self guided London on foot tour - Travel for a Living

Now that we finally have a little bit of freedom back and can start travelling again, maybe you have considered heading to London for the day? Or you live around London, but never really explored the city? Whichever reason, if you find yourself with a couple of hours spare, how about seeing the highlights of London in three hours? And best of all, you can explore all that London has to offer on foot. No need to get up close and personal with others on public transport. Sounds good? Well, how about you join me for a self-guided ‘London in three hours’ walking tour.

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Secret Gardens in London – Exploring London’s hidden gems

I love London. And I love exploring London. Even after years of living in London (ok, near London nowadays) it never gets old. There are still heaps of places to discover. So, going on a tour to discover some of the secret gardens in London was the perfect Saturday activity.

London has plenty of parks and I am sure you know (or have heard of) quite a few of them: Hyde Park, St. James’s Park, Green Park would probably be the ones most tourists would come past during their endeavours in London. But these are not all. There are loads of lesser knows small gardens and parks dotted all around London. In fact, almost half of London is green space (a whopping 47%).

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