Times Square by Night

Battling jet lag the first night, we decided to make the most of being wide awake at 4am.

So we wrapped up warm and headed out into the night. To experience the city that never sleeps first hand and see Times Square in the early hours of the day. More so as it was just a few blocks away from our hotel.

Any time of day or night Times Square is a weird world of its own. The lights, the hustling and bustling, cars, noises and millions of people. For sure a place you have to see for yourself once in your life.

To see? Yes. To actually enjoy? Maybe not so much… unless you are the kind of person that loves being shoved around… not this girl though.

So obviously we’ve been there before both during the day and in the evening. But going there in the middle of the night? Totally different thing. You can actually walk around and, believe it or not, you can see the ground.

But it wasn’t completely deserted, not even at 4.30am. A few people stumbling around, clearly on their way home after dancing the night away in a night club. Others on their way to work. Road sweepers preparing Times Square for the busy day ahead. Police men standing guard. And a few misplaced tourists capturing it all on their cameras (yes we weren’t the only mad tourists taking photos this time of night).

Disappointing though was that the famous stairs were shut, so we couldn’t go up and take a photo from their, so we took a photo of the deserted stairs instead.


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