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I have always loved spending a weekend in Paris and have done so several times over the years. And whilst I happily associate Paris with romance and loved up weekends away, Mr T doesn’t quite share my romantic thoughts. But my latest work project gave me the perfect excuse to hop over to Paris every other week and to explore the City of Love in my own time. One trip at a time, early mornings or after work. Heading to Paris for the first time? Clueless which ticket you need for public transport or how to order your dinner? I’ve got you covered.

Things to know when eating out in Paris

Eating out in Paris - what you need to know - Travel for a Living

If there is one thing the French are famous for, it sure is their cuisine. Eating in general, but more specifically eating out is a huge part of the French way of life. Should you be heading to Paris anytime soon, let me tell you all about the dining etiquette in Paris. Including all the essentials you need to know when eating out in Paris. From ordering water to how much to tip and everything in-between.

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Which ticket for Paris? Quick Guide on Public Transport in Paris

Public Transport in Paris - How to use, which ticket is best for Paris? Travel for a Living

One of the things that I found most confusing when I started my new project was the public transport in Paris. I mean this wasn’t the first time I visited Paris and had to manoeuvre my way around before. But deciding which ticket to choose for Paris? There are so many different options: single tickets, packs of ten tickets, multi day tickets, Navigo cards. So which ticket for Paris is the right one for me? Well, good thing I’ve got you covered. Read on, hopefully I’ll answer all the questions you could possibly have about public transport in Paris and which ticket to buy for your trip to Paris.

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How to cope with a Train Strike in Paris

As we are wrapping up the year, let me tell you about my last work trip of 2019. Yes, to Paris again, how did you guess? By now, I obviously know what to expect from a trip to Paris. What I didn’t quite know was what to expect from a train strike in Paris. Don’t get me wrong, we do have tube strikes in London as well from time to time. But they usually last a day or two, not weeks on end.

You might have heard in the news, that there was a train strike in Paris ever since beginning of December. So far, I had been lucky to miss it, as I skipped a week visiting Paris. And I had high hopes that all that strike action would be over and done with by the time I went back. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. Far from it. The train strike was still in full swing in Paris.

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Ever wondered what’s it like inside a Eurostar Lounge?

Ever wondered what's it like inside a Eurostar Lounge? - Travel for a Living

Ever wondered what it is like inside the Eurostar Lounge at St. Pancras International? Or Gare du Nord for that matter? Well, as I mentioned recently, I have now reached Carte Blanche on Eurostar. Meaning I am finally eligible to enter the Eurostar Business Lounges at St. Pancras and Gare du Nord when travelling on the Eurostar between London and Paris. Not a stranger to airport lounges, I was quite curious to see what it was like inside a Eurostar Lounge. Are you as well? Well, let me tell you, what you can expect.

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What’s it like on the Eurostar from London to Paris?

Taking the Eurostar from London to Paris - Travel for a Living

Have you been on the Eurostar from London to Paris yet? Or maybe on the route from London to Brussels? No? Well you really should. It is good fun.

I do love a good train trip and over the years I have taken the Eurostar several times to Paris and Brussels, both for work and leisure.

So, if the thought of going below the Channel doesn’t freak you out completely, why not give it a try. After all, it is quick and very convenient. Intrigued? Well, let me tell you what to expect when taking the Eurostar from London to Paris. Or Brussels. Or vice versa.

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Paris before Tourists – early mornings in Paris

Early mornings in Paris - Travel for a Living

As I have recently started a new work project, I am now commuting between London and Paris on a weekly basis. Having weekly travels isn’t new to me, after all I’ve been on the road for the most part of the last six years. But having the same destination every week? That is kind of a novelty. With the added benefit of exploring Paris a little more every time I visit. Obviously, Paris is a very popular tourist destination. I mean who would say no to a romantic weekend for two in Paris? But let’s take off those rose-tinted spectacles. The reality of visiting Paris on business is a little different. First and foremost, I am in Paris to get some work done, not to stroll down Champs-Élysées and visit the Eiffel Tower. But that doesn’t mean I can’t make the most of my evenings and early mornings in Paris, does it?

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Stranded in Paris

When things go wrong and you get stranded in Paris ORLY - Travel for a Living

Spending an extra night in Paris? Sounds marvellous. Who wouldn’t be up for that? Spoiler alert – I wasn’t. When I tell you that the only time I actually saw the Eiffel Tower during my recent trip to Paris was when I finally took off from the airport, you might get an idea of why being stranded in Paris and spending an extra night there wasn’t too high on my agenda. You guessed it. We are not talking an extra night in the heart of Paris, we are talking being stranded in Paris Orly… the airport. Which clearly wasn’t my idea of a fun Friday night?

But I might be getting a little ahead of myself here. So let me start at the beginning…

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