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4 Nights up North – Things to do in Tyne and Wear

What to do in Tyne and Wear - Travel for a Living

In the current situation, travel options are a tad limited. So, when thinking about destinations for our late summer holiday, it was clear that it would be within the UK. No way would I risk having to quarantine for a fortnight.  It was just the question of where to go. One favourite was Cornwall, as we originally planned to go there in July, then had to cancel for family reasons. Alternatively, maybe another trip to the Isle of Wight? After all, it’s been a year and a half again, since we last went (and as some of you might remember, thanks to me getting stuck in Paris, that weekend was a little shorter than planned). But in the end, we decided to head up north and stay in Sunderland for four nights. We’ve never actually been there, but for sure there’d be plenty of things to do in Tyne and Wear?

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London after Lockdown – What’s it like?

What's it like visiting London after Lockdown - Travel for a Living

Up until March, heading into London was a normal thing to do. After all, I might not live there anymore, but I still work in London. Whether it was my daily commute into the office, meeting up with friends, shopping or simply exploring town, London was only ever a 45-minute train ride away. Occasionally a little longer, if train services were disrupted. But never ever could I imagine not being able to actually get to London for weeks on end. But then, it happened. The whole world came to a brief stop, the UK (and many other countries) went into lockdown. Although we are now gradually getting back to some form of normality, the new normal feels a million miles away from the old normal.
And the same goes for trips to London.

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Best of London in three hours – exploring London on Foot

How to see London in three hours - Self guided London on foot tour - Travel for a Living

Now that we finally have a little bit of freedom back and can start travelling again, maybe you have considered heading to London for the day? Or you live around London, but never really explored the city? Whichever reason, if you find yourself with a couple of hours spare, how about seeing the highlights of London in three hours? And best of all, you can explore all that London has to offer on foot. No need to get up close and personal with others on public transport. Sounds good? Well, how about you join me for a self-guided ‘London in three hours’ walking tour.

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What’s it like on the ferry from Dover to Dunkirk during Covid

What's it like on ferry Dover to Dunkirk during Covid - Travel for a Living

I guess I am not alone in saying it’s been months since I last travelled. But, with lock down restrictions gradually relaxing in the UK and around Europe, I am slowly easing back into the idea of travelling.

To be honest, I haven’t quite decided yet how comfortable I am with the idea of flying again. So, when the time came last week to finally go over to Germany again, we opted for a car journey instead.

Obviously, we’ve taken ferries to mainland Europe numerous times over the years. And therefore, know exactly what to usually expect. But how different would the ferry from Dover to Dunkirk be during Covid? Well, let me share with you my experience with the DFDS ferry, to give you an idea of what to expect (just to be clear, this is not a sponsored post. We paid for our ticket and I did not receive any incentive to write about my experience).

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Are frequent traveller programmes really worth it?

Are frequent traveller programmes worth signing up for? Travel for a Living

It might not come as a massive shock to you that I travel a lot. I mean, even if you are new to my blog, ‘Travel for a Living’ is probably giving it away just a tad. As part of my job, I’ve spent the best part of the last seven years travelling the length and width of Europe. And to make the most of these travels, I’ve signed up to quite a few frequent traveller programmes over the years. But should you? Well, to help you decide, let me tell you which ones I’ve signed up for. And most importantly, if these frequent traveller programmes are really worth it.

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Côte Sauvage Quiberon – A photographic tour of Brittany’s Wild Coast

Photographic Tour of Côte Sauvage Quiberon - Brittany's Wild Coast - Travel for a Living

Tell me, am I the only one with a serious case of wanderlust at the moment? As we all sit at home and dream of travelling, how about I take you on a little photo tour? To one of my favourite places in the world. No, not New York for once… and no other major city either. Instead, how would you feel about nature, beaches and waves? Sounds good? Come with me to the Côte Sauvage in Quiberon / Brittany.

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ICE Travel in Germany – Exploring Germany by fast train

ICE Travel through Germany - Travel for a Living

Although I hold a driving license and I used to drive regularly (whilst still living in Germany it was unavoidable), nowadays I am not too keen on driving for hours anymore, especially if it involves getting myself a rental car. So, when I am out and about during my business trips I will either try and hitch a ride with my clients or I might opt for the train. Well, provided I get a decent connection, nothing worse than an endless journey through Germany. In terms of trains, ICE travel in Germany is my favourite, as it is usually the quickest way to get from A to B.

Germany has a decent network of high-speed trains, called ICE (nope, not ‘In Case of Emergency’, ICE stands for Inter City Express), connecting all major cities in Germany. 

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Visiting New York on a budget – 14 Things to do in New York for free or little money

Exploring New York for free - Travel for a Living

New York for free? Sounds too good to be true. I mean, we all know that city trips cost a fortune. And New York is no exception. What if I told you there are heaps of things to do in New York that cost little to no money? Perfect, if you are visiting New York on a budget. Or if you want to keep some spare change for that shopping spree

OK, without further ado, let’s dive straight into it. I’ll share with you 14 things that you can do in New York for free or for very little money. Yes, some might require a little planning. Surely that’s a little price to pay to get the most out of your trip when visiting New York on a budget. 

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Is the Vessel Hudson Yards worth a visit?

Is the Vessel worth a visit? - Travel for a Living

People keep asking me if we don’t get bored visiting New York over and over again. Since we’ve seen it all already. And you know what? No, we don’t (obviously, otherwise we wouldn’t go back). New York, same as any other major city really, has the beauty of constantly changing and new things to do and places to see are popping up. One thing on my To Do List for our last trip to New York was visiting the Vessel in Hudson Yards. After all, last time we walked the High Line, this part wasn’t finished and not yet open to the public. Having seen loads of pictures of the Vessel all over the net and Instagram, I was eager to see it for myself. But is the Vessel worth a visit? Well, I’ll let you be the judge of that. 

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Inside the British Airways Lounge at JFK Airport

As you might know, I am a frequent flyer on British Airways. And one of the perks of my silver status is access to the airport lounge, whenever I fly. So, travelling back from New York was no exception obviously. We’ve been to the lounge at JFK a couple of times before and it didn’t really make my Top 5 if I am honest. However, they have recently undergone a massive refurbishment. Meaning I was quite excited to check it out as we headed back to London after our recent week in New York. And what can I say. The new BA lounge is way better than the old one. Curious? Let me take you inside the British Airways Lounge at JFK airport for a quick nose around.

Saying the old lounge was no good is moaning at a very high level. There wasn’t anything really wrong with it. It was just a bit knackered. But not the worst BA lounge I’ve ever been in. 

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